Adam Ramzi Fucks Killian James in Biggest Catch Episode 4: No Strings Attached at NAKED SWORD

The guys are hanging out in the park when Killian James catches site of handsome dark-haired stud Adam Ramzi and his bright blue BMW. As he gets up to take a better look he notices that Adam has dropped his wallet so Killian retrieves it and shows up at Adam’s condo to collect his reward. Clothes immediately fly off as they make out and suck cock. Killian bends over and Adam fucks a load out of him which they both share, then shoots his own load all over Killian’s face. He doesn’t leave with a wad of cash but something much more valuable…

NSV036_s4_AdamRamzi_KillianJames 02 NSV036_s4_AdamRamzi_KillianJames 03 NSV036_s4_AdamRamzi_KillianJames 04 NSV036_s4_AdamRamzi_KillianJames 05 NSV036_s4_AdamRamzi_KillianJames 06 NSV036_s4_AdamRamzi_KillianJames 07 NSV036_s4_AdamRamzi_KillianJames 08 NSV036_s4_AdamRamzi_KillianJames 09 NSV036_s4_AdamRamzi_KillianJames 10 Adam Ramzi Fucks Killian James 11 NSV036_s4_AdamRamzi_KillianJames 12 NSV036_s4_AdamRamzi_KillianJames 13 Adam Ramzi Fucks Killian James 14