Adam Ramzi Fucks Leon Fox in “Fame Game: I’ll Do Anything” at NAKED SWORD

Unscrupulous club owner Adam Ramzi has granted go-go hopeful Leon Fox a private audition, but it’s not Fox’s dancing that he’s interested in. Ramzi sits at the bar leering at Fox, swilling whiskey, and groping the bulge growing in his pants. Without warning he pounces on the dancer, bends him over the stage and pours whiskey down his ass crack. He greedily licks Fox’s tight, booze-soaked hole then forces him on his knees and shoves his huge cock down his throat. Ramzi fucks Fox’s face then turns him around, shoves him up against the bar, and slams his cock in his ass. Ramzi fucks a load out of Fox and feeds it to him then shoots his own hot stream of jizz all over the stud’s back. Spent and covered in cum, Fox is certain his performance has landed him a job but Ramzi dismisses him with an evil grin, already thinking about his next conquest.

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