alex mecum and adam ramzi flip fuck

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Alex Mecum and Adam Ramzi Flip Fuck in “2 Men Kiss, Scene 2” at TITAN MEN Alex Mecum lays his head in Adam Ramzi’s lap—and is quickly greeted with a kiss. Adam rubs his furry face on the jock’s chest. He grabs Alex’s ass, then releases the stud’s huge cock. The two slurp each other, […]

adam ramzi and dirk caber flip fuck

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Adam Ramzi and Dirk Caber Flip Fuck in Demolition Scene 2 at TITAN MEN At work in an empty pool, Adam Ramzi is approached by Jack Giles from Big Ball Wrecking: “I hear you need this hole demo-ed?” The two smile, embracing and licking each other’s pits. Adam deep throats Jack’s cock and they eat […]

adam ramzi fucks bruno bernal

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Adam Ramzi Fucks Bruno Bernal in “Primal” at RAGING STALLION Bruno Bernal looks up at Adam Ramzi with a primal urge. They make out as Bruno tugs on Adam’s nipples. Instinctively, Bruno sinks down and opens his mouth to receive Adam’s throbbing, uncut tool. With deep thrusts, Adam feeds his cock down Bruno’s throat. Adam […]

adam ramzi fucks mitch vaughn

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Adam Ramzi Fucks Mitch Vaughn in the barbers chair in “Beards Scene 3” at TITAN MEN A day at the barber turns into a hot sex on the barber’s chair when hairy, hunky Adam Ramzi gets a trim from the ripped and ready Mitch Vaughan. With the sounds of the busy city just outside, the […]

dirk caber and adam ramzi flip fuck

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Dirk Caber and Adam Ramzi Flip Fuck in Blueprint Scene 3 at TITAN MEN Plumber Dirk Caber looks at landscape designer Adam Ramzi’s blueprints…but gets distracted by his ass. Adam needs a big pipe for his plan. “Like how big? Eight inches?” asks Dirk. “Eight inches would be good,” smiles Adam, the two locking lips […]

adam ramzi fucks wesley woods

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Adam Ramzi Fucks Wesley Woods in “I’d Hit That!” at RAGING STALLION Adam Ramzi and Wesley Woods are hot, hard and ready to hit it. Clothing is quickly cast aside, and they can’t keep their hands off every inch of their muscular anatomies, from nipples to nuts. Adam’s cock points to the sky, so Wesley […]

adam ramzi and bennett anthony flip fuck

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Adam Ramzi and Bennett Anthony Flip Fuck in Erect This! Scene 4 at RAGING STALLION Hairy, ripped Adam Ramzi and buff ginger Bennett Anthony are on their lunch break, but the meat they want is between their legs! Bennett feeds his rock hard cock to Adam’s willing mouth. Adam teases the tip with his tongue, […]

adam ramzi and nick prescott flip fuck

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Adam Ramzi and Nick Prescott Flip Fuck in TAXMAN CUMETH Scene 3 at TITAN MEN Stroking his bushy meat, Nick Prescott gets interrupted by bearded agent Adam Ramzi—who needs to do a home office inspection. “Most home offices don’t have a bed in them,” says the skeptical taxman. “Don’t bust my balls, man,” replies Nick, […]

colby keller fucks adam ramzi

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Colby Keller Fucks Adam Ramzi in Fuck Me I’m Famous at NAKED SWORD Haute Couture model Colby Keller walks straight off the Vivienne Westwood runway and onto our set where he fucks adult sensation Adam Ramzi. Meeting the handsome ginger cross-over star has always been a fantasy Adam’s so we had to make the fantasy […]

adam ramzi fucks luke adams deep

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Adam Ramzi Fucks Luke Adams Deep in “CAUKE for President, Scene 2“at TITAN MEN “I’ll do anything for the senator,” says volunteer Luke Adams, going door to door looking for votes. He’s greeted by Adam Ramzi wearing nothing but a towel, his throbber soon catching Adams’ attention. “Suck it,” says Ramzi, who face fucks the […]

adam ramzi fucks leon fox

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Adam Ramzi Fucks Leon Fox in “Fame Game: I’ll Do Anything” at NAKED SWORD Unscrupulous club owner Adam Ramzi has granted go-go hopeful Leon Fox a private audition, but it’s not Fox’s dancing that he’s interested in. Ramzi sits at the bar leering at Fox, swilling whiskey, and groping the bulge growing in his pants. […]

adam ramzi fucks colt rivers

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Adam Ramzi Fucks Colt Rivers in Hooker Stories 3: Next Time, I’m Payin at NAKED SWORD Adam Ramzi gives him a call. Colt shows up at Adam’s apartment and is shocked by his stunning good looks. Colt can’t help himself and breaks one of the cardinal rules of escorting by asking Adam why he’s paying […]

adam ramzi fucks killian james

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Adam Ramzi Fucks Killian James in Biggest Catch Episode 4: No Strings Attached at NAKED SWORD The guys are hanging out in the park when Killian James catches site of handsome dark-haired stud Adam Ramzi and his bright blue BMW. As he gets up to take a better look he notices that Adam has dropped […]

super hunk adam ramzi edged in sauna

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Sebastian Keys and Super Hunk Adam Ramzi Edged in Sauna at MEN ON EDGE Hairy hunk Adam Ramzi is relaxing in the sauna as Sebastian Keys comes barging in, exhausted from the heat. He tries to be friendly with Adam, but all he gets is the cold shoulder. When Sebastian falls asleep, he fantasizes having […]

adam ramzi fucks cam christou outdoor

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Adam Ramzi fucks Cam Christou outdoor in Summer Of Fuckin Scene 4: Rope Sling Adventure at NAKED SWORD Tarzan couldn’t have swung from a rope swing any better than Cam Christou in this rope sling adventure. Taking place in a backyard secret garden, Cam is found contorting his body into magnificent positions to prepare for […]