Alex Graham and Nick Sterling Flip Fuck in Alpine Wood – Part 2 at FALCON STUDIOS

Crisp mountain air and a walk along the lake make the perfect prelude to romantic cuddling by the fireplace for Alex Graham and Nick Sterling, who have similar stocky builds. The enormous bulge in Alex’s sweatpants displays a side-effect of cuddling with a hot stud like Nick: one big boner. Nick spies it and grabs hold, steadying himself as he swoops in for a deep erotic kiss. Nick swoops again and comes up with Alex’s fat cock in his mouth. Alex reciprocates, making eye contact as he sucks first cock, then balls. Nick’s plump ass cannot be ignored, and Alex’s attention is diverted into probing the warm crack with his tongue and thumb. Then Alex plunges into Nick with his cock. They fuck in perfect unison of action and reaction. Then they swap, and Nick rams Alex in the missionary position until each triggers the other’s climax and two cocks coat Alex in spooge.

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