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ali liam fucks trey turner hard

Ali Liam Fucks Trey Turner Hard in “Massage Journey” at MEN OVER 30

Ali has come to Trey for a massage as his arm and lower back are really bothering him. Trey has him strip down and lie on the table face down as he begins massaging him. As Trey begins massaging Ali, we get to see how beautiful Ali’s body is.

Trey then starts to massage Ali’s ass and based on the moaning from Ali, Trey continues to get more sensual. Trey then begins rimming Ali’s ass before flipping him over and playing with his hard cock. Ali also pulls out Trey’s cock and both stroke and suck each other.

Trey then climbs on the table and Ali rims his ass while Trey continues to suck his cock. Trey then sits and rides Ali’s cock deep inside his ass and then Ali fucks him on the table until both shoot their loads. Enjoy!


Ali Liam Fucks Trey Turner Hard 01 Ali Liam Fucks Trey Turner Hard 02


Watch “Massage Journey” at MEN OVER 30



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