Caleb Roca and Jessy Ares Double Fuck Logan Moore in Double Strike for MEN AT PLAY

It’s been a while since one of our men has had a double dose of cock up his arse so take your ring-side seat, and enjoy this double penetration spectacle as young executive Logan Moore takes the full force of two heavy weights in the Menatplay Arena. Jessy Ares and Caleb Roca rough up Logan, the blue eyed beauty, before spit roasting him, and finally pushing both their dicks simoultaneously deep in to his sweet hole.

Jessy Ares is coaching some pre-tournament training with kickboxing champ Caleb Roca only to be interrupted by young cocky upstart Logan, offering a deal to fix the match. Bribes and ultimatums that could damage Rocas career enrage the men and they don’t take too kindly to Logan’s arrogant swagger. When Logan tries to leave, the men block him with their sweaty hard bodies pushing him to his knees to blow them one after the other, over and over, until they are primed and ready, together as a team, to fuck the atttitude out of that cocky ass hole!! Are you ready? DING DING Round one!

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