jay landford breeds derek bolt raw

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Jay Landford Breeds Derek Bolt Hard in “Raw Construction” at RAGING STALLION Derek Bolt is giving Jay Landford a tour of his new home that’s still under construction. When Derek mentions that Jay will be able to ‘fit all his junk’ in the master closet, Jay gets distracted and can only think of Derek’s big […]

Daymin Voss

daymin voss fucks kurtis wolfe and derek bolt

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Daymin Voss Fucks Kurtis Wolfe and Derek Bolt in “Vice” at RAGING STALLION Daymin Voss walks in on Derek Bolt and Kurtis Wolfe making out in police headquarters. Their lowered inhibitions lead to a hot confession and Derek taking on both hung studs. Kurtis gets on his knees and takes turns servicing the two hung […]

Alex Mecum

alex mecum and teddy torres fuck derek bolt

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Alex Mecum and Teddy Torres Fuck Derek Bolt in TSA Checkpoint at RAGING STALLION TSA Officer Alex Mecum just caught passenger Teddy Torres swapping cum by the men’s room. So he brings him into custody where fellow TSA Officer Derek Bolt grills Teddy on his dirty fun. When Teddy offers to suck both officer’s cocks, […]

Derek Bolt

vadim black pounds derek bolt hard

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Vadim Black Pounds Derek Bolt Hard in Magic Dick at MENDOTCOM Vadim Black is practicing his magic tricks for a show when his roommate Derek Bolt interrupts. So Vadim asks him to be his test audience and Derek gets just what he wished for in the grand finale.     Watch Magic Dick at MENDOTCOM […]

Austin Wolf

austin wolf bangs derek bolt hard

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Austin Wolf Bangs Derek Bolt Hard in Dirty Work at HOT HOUSE Derek Bolt is making precise measurements in the workshop when sparks fly between him and Austin Wolf. Austin notices the look on Derek’s face and invites him over. As they make out, Austin guides Derek’s hands to his bulge, and Derek pulls Austin’s […]