Chase Lachance Bound and Tickled at MY FRIENDS FEET

Chase Lachance tried to double charge me on my lawn service. I didn’t care for that very much. It was bothering me until I finally decided I was going to tie Chase up and tickle the hell out of him.

Knowing him for as long as I have, I am aware of all his ticklish spots. Chase was gagged at first, but then I wanted to hear his adorable laugh while I used a feather on his size 10 feet.

I also worked his armpits quite a bit, seeing as how I had his hands tied above his head. As expected, bear cub Chase went insane from all the tickling and he won’t be trying to charge me double for my lawn care anymore.


Chase Lachance Bound and Tickled 01 Chase Lachance Bound and Tickled 02



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