chet gets serviced by addison

Hairy straight guy Chet gets serviced by Addison at CHAOS MEN

Despite Chet messing around with guys on his own, he was still reluctant to do too much on his first time on film. Again, he got real nervous when the cameras started rolling. He was hard for photos and getting ready, but the moment the cameras went on, he wilted and needed focus on the TV. Addison is getting better at pulling the guy’s attention. But this video, despite both their extracurricular activities, seems very much like a ‘first time’ video. Both guys showed up with nice sneakers, and I made sure they had them on during the video. Might bug some of you, but I am sure it will please more than a few of you who find this appealing. The cum shot is actually nicely timed. It’s hot to hear Chet telling him he is about to cum, and to cum with him. Addison was only about a minute behind, but he jerks his cock fast and furious and adds his load on top of Chet’s. He scoops up the cum and rubs their cocks together in a spermy mess!

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