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Clinton Denver Breeds Tanner Bronson at GUY BONE

Tanner is a furry twink with one of the sexiest bodies and cutest faces. And Clinton is a tatted stud with plenty of scruff and a salacious pole in his tented underwear. They sat on the couch in their colorful chonies, making out and rubbing each other’s bulging groins. Their hairy bodies were so hot, sliding against the other, jostling, feeling, exploring. Tanner laid Clinton back and climbed on top of him, releasing the beast from his briefs. Tanner took the hard cock in his talented mouth and swallowed it whole. Clinton’s balls were beyond full, aching to release their pent up load.

Clinton was in bliss instantly. Tanner slobbed his knob, tasting every inch of his raging erection. He was up next, returning the favor of sucking dick. So he pulled Tanner’s handsome cut cock from his trunks and got it nice and wet. Clinton jerked and sucked Tanner’s boner and plopped his hairy nuts in and out of his mouth. He pulled both of their underwear off and flipped Tanner’s legs toward the ceiling so he could munch on his butt. He drove his long tongue deep into Tanner’s fur patch, making the soon-to-be-bottom pant and whimper. Clinton alternated between eating Tanner’s ass and sucking his loose balls. Then they moved into a hot 69 where Clinton could still lick hole while Tanner sucked his big, beautiful bone.

Tanner’s hole looked tight but inviting. Clinton finished rimming his sweet spot and they readied for their first raw fuck on camera. Tanner positioned himself on top of Clinton’s lap and eased that gargantuan shaft inside his tender pucker. His furry butt cheeks engulfed the big cock, making it disappear balls deep. Riding was a success and their incredibly hot bodies came together in one naked masterpiece. His dick was so big and filled Tanner so completely. They were both moaning loudly now, Clinton fucking him full force. Clinton got Tanner into doggystyle over the arm of the couch. Tanner loved it and ordered him to “fuck that ass”. He obliged, pounding his pulsing prick into that beautiful back door.

Clinton’s dick was destroying Tanner in the best way imaginable. Clinton’s athletic ass looked amazing while he humped hard. Tanner took that huge tool like a champ, his ass cheeks rippling every time Clinton smacked them or thrust into them. Clinton carried Tanner over to the bed and threw him down. So he entered him again and made the bed creak as loud as his bottomed bellowed. They fucked harder than ever in this, their final position. And then Clinton plastered a white hot load on the hungry young man’s face. Also Tanner tasted his cum and followed suit by dropping his own pearls of jizz onto his furry tummy. Finally the two studs shared a cum-covered kiss and sighed in relief that their inaugural shoot had been such a success.


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