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cord younglove fucks zeke johnson raw

Cord Younglove Fucks Zeke Johnson Raw at GUY BONE

Cord was exhausted from his travels so he kicked back on the couch for a nap. He didn’t get many zzz’s, though, because as soon as Zeke arrived, he woke up the sleeping beauty with a sexy kiss. As their bearded mouths met and wet tongues tussled, Cord’s cock stiffened inside his khaki’s and Zeke got to work unbuttoning his dress shirt. Cord showed his excitement by unzipping his slacks and releasing his hefty uncut cock. It was rock hard and aching for some attention. Zeke showed his excitement by stroking it a bit before swallowing it whole.

Zeke’s eyes rolled back as he gulped Cord’s dick balls deep. Cord moaned and thrust up, trying to fuck his costar’s face further. He stood up and fed his big boner to cubby Zeke over the back of the couch. Zeke’s hardon had been raging in his jeans the whole time and Cord felt obliged to attend to it. He pulled it out and put it in his mouth. The slurping noises he made while blowing Zeke were phenomenal. When he’d tasted enough dick, he spun the furry bottom around and bent him over, ripping his underwear down below his butt cheeks, diving into his ass face first for some hot rimming. He spanked him, he pawed his juicy rump, he ate that hairy hole with as much intensity as he planned on fucking it with.

Cord wriggled out of his clothes, inviting Zeke to hop over the couch and sit on his dick. Riding Cord’s big dick balls deep and bareback, Zeke was all pleasure groans. Cord gripped his ass and helped him hump. They manhandled each other’s chests then Cord tossed Zeke onto his back and railed him hard. He fucked him in missionary, ever increasing his screw speed, until he was ready to cum. He pulled out and shot white hot ropes of jizz across Zeke’s fuzzy tummy. Zeke caught some as it dripped from Cord’s piss slit. He used it as lube to jerk his own cock while Cord continued fucking him raw. Zeke unloaded his own seed across what was left by Cord.

Cord wanted another round, claiming he still had cum left to spill. Zeke added his ass was still hungry. And with that, they were fucking doggystyle over. Armed with more lube and his shaft of steel, Cord teased Zeke’s hole before entering him again. But man, Zeke tightened up quick! Cord was up for the challenge, and the constricting asshole felt so great on his prick, he came for the second time, even bigger than the first! He pulled out and cum rocketed from his cock. He rained down semen and then tried to stick his dick back inside Zeke a final time. But the gate to heaven was closed. Good thing they already finished one helluva welcome back / meet each other scene! Stick around for some smiles after the fadeout. These two were a treat behind the bone as well.


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