Dallas SteeleDirk CaberFlip Fuck

dallas steele and dirk caber flip flop fuck

Dallas Steele and Dirk Caber Flip Flop Fuck at TITAN MEN

Working up a sweat moving into Dirk Caber’s new home, Dallas Steele wants to help his bud break the place in. “I’ve been watching that hardon all day!” smiles Dirk, who soon has a big Dallas dick in his mouth. “God you smell good!” smiles Dirk, who deep throats Dallas. Dirk’s boner is set free, rubbing against Dallas’s chest before diving into his lips. Dallas takes out Dirk’s balls (“Pull those outta there!”) and grips them as he sucks, the two slapping and spitting on each other as their verbal exchange heats up. Dirk feasts on Dallas’s smooth hole, the action caught in the hallway mirror (“Fuckin’ eat that ass! Get that tongue in there!”). They kiss, cocks poking each other, before Dallas eats Dirk, gripping the stud’s cock as he tongues him. “Get a finger in there!” yells Dirk as Dallas slides one in, flashing a gorgeous smile. In the bedroom, Dallas offers his hole as Dirk fucks him hard and fast in two positions—Dirk gripping the bottom’s cheeks to hammer him from below. Dallas returns the favor, pinning Dirk to the bed (“Nice and deep…you feel that cock?”) as he reams his ass. “Fuck it out of me!” yells Dirk, soon soaked in cum.

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