Dallas Steele Fucks Matthew Bosch in CAUKE for President at TITAN MEN

Instead of preparing for the debate, the senator strokes is uncut cock—and is caught by chief of staff Dallas Steele. The senator sucks Steele’s dick, pulsing out of his dress pants. They kiss, Steele’s salt-and-pepper beard soon wrapped around Bosch’s beauty. The sucker continues to work it in bed, fingering Bosch’s hole as he services him. The senator sucks him back, then straddles him and sits down on Steele’s rod. “Fuck me hard!” he moans as Steele grabs and spreads his hairy cheeks, the bottom’s huge dick circling around as he rides. Bosch gets pinned to the bed, his feet resting on the top’s chest as Steele’s pubes slam the bottom’s ass—the two finally releasing. As they lay in bed their phones light up as news of the Senators sextape going viral hits the internet! “Well, I guess you don’t have to lie anymore”, says Dallas to the stunned Senator.

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