Dirk Caber fucks Jesse Jackman in the locker room for Sweat, Scene 3 at TITAN MEN

Horned up from watching Hunter fuck Troy, Dirk Caber—his boner pitching a tent in his shorts—gets led to the lockers by beefy Jesse Jackman. They kiss, rubbing each other’s hairy muscles. Jesse pulls down Dirk’s shorts to release his aching cock. Jesse sucks it deep, tonguing the underside. Dirk returns the favor, working up the bulge in Jesse’s jockstrap before getting fed. Dirk rubs Jesse’s massive muscles, sucking him deep before Jesse bends down for a kiss. Jesse rubs his dick on Dirk’s salt-and-pepper beard, the sucker hard as a rock. Dirk bends Jesse over the bench, fucking the moaner from behind. Jesse sits down on the top, who grabs the bottom’s jock ass and fucks him fast from below. Dirk rubs the bottom’s nip, Jesse’s big dick grazing the top’s stomach. Jesse gets fucked on his back, Dirk stroking him as he fucks—a memorable aerial shot capturing Dirk’s dick disappearing inside the bottom’s hole before the two squirt.

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