Dr Dani Robles Examines Maikel Cash for MEN AT PLAY

We’ve had some iconic doctors on Menatplay over the years. Who can forget the the examinations of the smooth talking Dr Richards? Or the cool straight Doctor Stevens, who loved to find any excuse to shove his dick in his patients mouth or ass. And now we return with a brand new doctor opening up his clinic for our voyeuristic pleasure. Dr Dani Robles has a whole new, more subtle approach . The quiet, seemingly shy Doctor doesn’t manipulate his patients like the practitioners of the past but instead leads them to his eager suited ass because in contrast to his predecessors he loves to take cock, and take it deep! And he’s in luck this week with patient Maikel Cash. Watch Dr Dani’s expression as he undresses Maikel to reveal his stunning juicy pecks and then of course he gets to the perfectly formed cock, which Maikel wraps in the silk tie of his sexy be-suited doctor as Dani eagerly licks and sucks. And when its full and throbbing, it’s Dr Dani who receives an injection of medication via a thick pumping cock.

DocDani_02 DocDani_03 DocDani_07 DocDani_08 DocDani_09 DocDani_11 DocDani_13 DocDani_17 DocDani_18 DocDani_19 Dr Dani Robles Examines Maikel Cash DocDani_19a Dr Dani Robles Examines Maikel Cash DocDani_23 DocDani_24 DocDani_26 drdani_110 drdani_112 drdani_118 drdani_120