Eric Hassan Pounds Mickey Carpathio at BREED ME RAW

Mickey Carpathio and Eric Hassan become total pigs in front of the camera, all but forgetting we were there. Their chemistry is palpable as bearded, hairy Eric makes a meal out of Mickey’s big dick and his hungry asshole, priming the juicy pucker and getting it ready for a balls deep bareback fuck. Eric mounts Mickey, telling him what he’s going to do to Mickey’s hole, which only amps up the bald daddy’s burning desire to be pounded like the cock whore that he is.

Eric takes Mickey, using the bearded slut as his private bitch. Pumping in and out, Eric slams Mickey as they build towards a climax. After straddling Eric and fucking himself, Mickey suddenly lifts off and dives for Eric’s big fat cock, sucking the juicy wet slab in a bit of ass-to-mouth before flipping on his back and spreading his legs once more. The egg each other on, edging until they both come simultaneously. Mickey shoots an explosive load that hits his eyes, and Eric breeds Mickey with his creamy protein, filling him with DNA.




Watch this scene at BREED ME RAW


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