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eric nero and bruce beckham flip fuck

Eric Nero and Bruce Beckham Flip Fuck in Demolition Scene 1 at TITAN MEN

Eric Nero strokes his massive meat, but has to tuck it into his pants when the doorbell rings. Architect Bruce Beckham eyes it immediately: “Is that why they call you the Big D?” he asks. “Sure is,” answers Eric. “Wanna see it?” Bruce is wide eyed on his knees as Eric’s huge cock pops out. He devours it (“Choke on that dick!”) before Eric sucks the muscle man’s beast back, spit dripping from his beard to the floor—and his own bicep. Bruce sucks Eric again before fucking him. Eric slaps his boner on Bruce’s abs as he gets plowed, then fucks him back—his balls banging Bruce’s ass. Eric feeds Bruce’s cum to him, then shoots on the bottom’s fat cock.

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