Eric Nero Fucks Matthew Bosch in “Blueprint Scene 2” at TITAN MEN

“Why do they call you Big D?” asks Matthew Bosch of Eric Nero, who smiles: “Cause I got a big dick…wanna see?” Eric whips out his beast: “Go on, suck it!” Matthew worships it as streams of spit slide down Eric’s long shaft and fall to the floor. “Lick my balls,” says Eric, who looks down at Matthew’s big dick: “Fuck, I love uncut cock!” Eric worships Matthew’s manhood, tugging on his sac and spitting on it. Eric munches on Matthew’s hole, then fucks him from behind—his big balls slamming the bottom’s hairy ass. Matthew gets on his back, the flexible Eric leaning down to suck the bottom as he fucks him, then gripping Matthew’s balls as he plows him before they squirt.

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