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Hairy Aussie Chris Bass Jerks off at BENTLEY RACE

I’m pretty excited that Chris Bass has come back for another shoot after a 2 year absence. It was my mate Zac who was the lucky one to get to do Chris’s first shoot 2 years ago. Chris shot to fame when he started his own Tumblr site, posting photos of himself and that big dick. His photos quickly floated all over the internet. I could tell from his BTS video that he was a really nice guy and his shoot with Zac looked like a lot of fun. So I had been asking Chris occasionally to come back for another shoot. And I’m really happy that he agreed to come by and have some fun with me. The 25 year old Aussie is looking incredibly fit these days. He tells me that he is gyming a lot more now, and it shows. He quickly got naked as I took his photos in the studio and worked his dick to full erection. I kinda ended up taking a lot more photos than I needed to because we were having so much fun. Then he pulled his jocks up one more time so we could start his video scene. Chris looks very hot as he lubes up his big dick and shoves it deep in to a fleshlight and starts pushing it in and out. Make sure you watch this one right to the end to see Chris pump a big load of cum across his belly. And I love that big cheeky grin when he’s done Chris Bass is absolutely adorable. I’m sure we will be shooting a lot more scenes together this year.

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