Hairy Guy Teddy Torres Jerks Off at UK HOT JOCKS

Gorgeous, hirsute Teddy Torres hails from Paris, Though previously lived in Montreal. He’s very French and tres sexy! The man only has to say two words before you’re lost in his eyes, his beautiful accent  and his for the taking. We talk a little about his travels, his fun party lifestyle and all the other fun things that single gorgeous international men get up to!

This guy is hairy, like properly hairy. In a low cut vest there’s no attempt at trying to hide its and why would you? Here at UKHJ we like to celebrate all different kinds of sexy men, not all muscle boys are smooth! Peeling his little vest of and grabbing his crotch through his indigo camo-print sporty leggings, he tweaks his pierced nipple and we watch his dick getting harder.

Pulling out a seriously fat and long curved cock, a real destructive weapon! He wanks off slowly, sensually, groaning very deeply. It’s almost like you can hear his thick accent through the moans and groans he makes, hot!

Stripping off and getting comfortable in the Locker Room he beats off to a medium-fast pace building up for his pop-shot… and what a cum shot! Sticky, fuzzy, cummy Teddy, now there’s something to take with you to bed every night!


Teddy-Torres-LJ_01 Teddy-Torres-LJ_02 Teddy-Torres-LJ_03 Teddy-Torres-LJ_05 Teddy-Torres-LJ_06 Teddy-Torres-LJ_07 Teddy-Torres-LJ_09 Teddy-Torres-LJ_11 Teddy-Torres-LJ_12 Teddy-Torres-LJ_15 Teddy-Torres-LJ_17 Teddy-Torres-LJ_19 Hairy Guy Teddy Torres Jerks Off 22 Teddy-Torres-LJ_23 Hairy Guy Teddy Torres Jerks Off 24 Teddy-Torres-LJ_25