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hairy hunk justin king jerks off

Hairy Hunk Justin King Jerks Off at HARD BRIT LADS

Justin King is a tall, hot and hairy muscle hunk. He is a very big lad, with broad shoulders, big arms, a strong chest. Even in his vest you can see he has very hairy chest. His powerful legs are hairy too. Very hot. He lifts his arm up, flexing his bicep and leans in to get a sniff of his very hairy armpits, and it seems to turn him on, as his bulge starts to grow in his shorts as he squeezes it. Justin takes off his vest and plays with his hard nipples… He stands up, rubbing his crotch some more, then pulls down his shorts, leaving him in just his white cotton briefs. His bulge is semi hard now, and Justin strokes it in his undies, before taking them off.

He starts gently playing his his uncut dick, plenty of foreskin there. And we get some hot close ups of it as it gets harder.. So he pulls his foreskin back, and the head of his dick glistens with precum. He wipes it with his thumb, then tastes it. And then he rubs his shiny cockhead as he dick gets solid. Justin starts to jerk off nice and slow for us, then plays with his nipples with both hands. He tenses it, making it throb and twitch, seriously hot. Justin goes back to jerking off, and gives us plenty of nipple play. And then he sniffs his hairy armpits again, whilst giving us lots of horny little looks.

Justin moves back to the sofa, leaning back into it, with his big legs wide apart. His nipples seem to be hot wired to his dick, and he rubs and tweaks them frequently as he jerks off. He rubs his bulging precum covered cock head with his thumb, before sticking it into his mouth to taste it. As he gets more and more turned on, Justin starts to speed up the jerking off. His muscles get harder now, bulging, shiny with sweat. As he gets closer, his breathing gets louder and heavier.. he beats away at his meat, bringing himself to orgasm. And the spunk starts flowing thick and fast, spurting out over his sweaty abs.  As more of it pumps out it dribbles down over his fingers, forming sticky pools of thick jizz in his pubes..

As he catches his breath he squeezes out the last few drops of cum, giving us a final horny look.


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