Hans Berlin fucks Brandon Moore in Fire Island:Staff House at DOMINIC FORD

Fire Island: Staff House is a new series by Dominic Ford, and a followup to last year’s wildly successful series Fire Island: Meatrack. Staff House follows two young men (Brandon Moore and James Key) who work on Fire Island all summer (they really do). They live in a staff house that is used to house the other workers on the island: bartenders, go-go dancers, etc. New people come in and out of the Staff House every weekend, and Brandon and James decided to make a video blog of their exploits throughout the summer in the house. Watch throughout the summer as these boys fuck their way through Fire Island.

In this first episode, Hans Berlin comes to stay at the house because he’s dancing at the Underwear Party happening on the Island. Of course, Brandon can’t resist.

DominicFord_Movie_Fire-Island-Staff-House-Hans-Berlin-and-Brandon-Moore_02 DominicFord_Movie_Fire-Island-Staff-House-Hans-Berlin-and-Brandon-Moore_03 DominicFord_Movie_Fire-Island-Staff-House-Hans-Berlin-and-Brandon-Moore_04 DominicFord_Movie_Fire-Island-Staff-House-Hans-Berlin-and-Brandon-Moore_05 DominicFord_Movie_Fire-Island-Staff-House-Hans-Berlin-and-Brandon-Moore_06 DominicFord_Movie_Fire-Island-Staff-House-Hans-Berlin-and-Brandon-Moore_07 DominicFord_Movie_Fire-Island-Staff-House-Hans-Berlin-and-Brandon-Moore_08 DominicFord_Movie_Fire-Island-Staff-House-Hans-Berlin-and-Brandon-Moore_09 DominicFord_Movie_Fire-Island-Staff-House-Hans-Berlin-and-Brandon-Moore_10 Hans Berlin fucks Brandon Moore DominicFord_Movie_Fire-Island-Staff-House-Hans-Berlin-and-Brandon-Moore_12 Hans Berlin fucks Brandon Moore DominicFord_Movie_Fire-Island-Staff-House-Hans-Berlin-and-Brandon-Moore_14 DominicFord_Movie_Fire-Island-Staff-House-Hans-Berlin-and-Brandon-Moore_15 DominicFord_Movie_Fire-Island-Staff-House-Hans-Berlin-and-Brandon-Moore_16