Harley Everett fucks Jake Bolton at BUTCH DIXON

Porn producers must go crazy trying to come up with new ways to show guys fucking. A porn hog like me has pretty much seen it all. This scene with Harley Everett and Jake Bolton from Butch Dixon starts out normally enough with lots of kissing, armpit nuzzling, nipple sucking, and when Bolton kneels he mouths Harley underwear bulge. Then Bolton pulls Harley’s balls out of the leg hole and sucks on them and eventually gets Everett’s giant nob in his mouth, too. It’s lucky Everett wasn’t wearing such a sex toy from sites such as lockthecock, otherwise, there wouldn’t have been as much fun.

Jake hikes a leg up on the railing and Harley opens his hole up with a dildo. Now I don’t know why there are two car tires sitting in the middle of this room, but there are, and Jake flops over them and sucks Harley’s cock while the tattooed hunk leans over and continues ramming the sex toy in his ass. Jake lies on these tires and Harley balances his hands on them and drills Bolton’s ass with really hard, deep thrusts — Harley’s really going to town.

Jake lies back on the tires and Harley pumps him some more before shoving the dildo and his cock inside — double penetration with a dildo and a dick is so much easier than with two tops and trying to figure out who is going where. With all the noise Bolton’s making, there’s little doubt that he’s finding this quite the chore, but he ain’t telling Harley to stop. And Bolton’s a cum pig, too. After Everett unloads all over Bolton, he reaches up and slurps that big nob into his mouth and cleans up Harley’s cumming meat.


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