Hot hairy hunks Silas and Vander fuck raw at CHAOS MEN


I just couldn’t bring myself to break this video into two parts. It’s s rather long, with a run time of almost 30 minutes. So be patient on the

This video has everything, thanks to both Silas and Vander’s broad limits.

It turns out Vander is a Dirty Boy! Dirty Talking, Dirty Sex, Dirty Mind!

He’s got a thing for the way a dude smells- that ‘oh so ripe odor’ and I made sure Silas was funky for him. We get to FINALLY see some armpit licking. I too love this scent and I think I had a boner the entire video.

Lots of bossy talk from Vander, and some mutual ass eating. I don’t think I have ever had both models eat each others’ asses out. Just another First I had to leave in.

We get some fun POV-CAM action on occasion, so you feel like you are There amongst them, helping Vander get his giant cock up Silas’s eager hole.

Top that off with some breeding followed by Vander eating Silas’s load and them sharing a cum-soaked kiss!

You will hate yourself if you don’t join nor wait for this incredibly long download time.

It’s worth every second!

Vander is one hot sex junky!



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