Dario Beck, Hunter Marx & Justin King are hot hairy men in a gay treesome sex by the pool in “Night Heat, Scene 2” for TITAN MEN
Hairy Justin King sits on the patio stroking his uncut cock as the night envelops his tattooed body. At the edge of the pool, Hunter Marx strokes his big dick as he worships Dario Beck’s thick, uncut slab. Justin walks over and stands by Dario, Hunter going back and forth as he sucks each steel shaft. A spit strand forms from Dario’s cock to Hunter’s mouth, then transfers to Justin’s dick and drips to the ground in a memorable sequence. Justin and Dario wrap their arms around each other, kissing as their cocks touch while Hunter sucks—reaching up to rub Justin’s furry chest. Justin then fucks Dario from behind, the bottom’s mouth stuffed with Hunter’s hung slab. Justin reaches over to pinch Hunter’s nip, their arms connected. Justin then gets on all fours, moaning “Fuck!” as Hunter enters his ass. The bottom sucks on Dario—who is soon coated in all of their cum after they stroke side by side.

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