Jack de JongRick Janssen

jack de jong fucks rick janssen

Jack de Jong Fucks Rick Janssen in “Interracial Daddy Fucking” at ALPHA MALES

Cruising again on Amsterdam’s canals, Jack’s reputation precedes him and is beckoned over by two rough studs eager to be filmed; it must be Jack’s lucky day!  Hot black guy Jack de Jong and his skin head and bearded brute Rick Janssen are a great pair of horned up studs to come across.  Jack’s massive black meat is Rick’s favourite toy to play with, and devours it as far as he can go without even reaching the balls, and with both guys in hot jocks and football sock, there’s something here for everyone to enjoy, and Rick’s hairy tattooed body, including his smooth but still inked ass on show makes for a special sight to get your own dick twitching as hard as Jack’s is!  Passed a condom from trusty cameraman Jack Jones, Jack de Jong takes heed and slides it on, leaving no space un-fucked in Rick’s ready and waiting ass, filling him up completely with dark meat, pulling all the way out only to slam back inside to the hilt; something his throat definitely couldn’t take!  Finishing the session with a great cumshot over Rick’s hairy body, the sweat pours off our men as much as the spunk drips off them!

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