Jason Vario and Adam Ramzi Testing Sling Fuck in “Sling, Scene 1” at TITAN MEN

Adam Ramzi has a package for warehouse stud Jason Vario. Jason tells the deliveryman that they make play gear. “Like for playgrounds?” asks Adam. “No,” laughs Jason, leading him to a sling. “Think a little more adult.”

Jason deep throats Adam’s uncut cock, which bursts out of his uniform. Adam bends over for a kiss. He’s beating the sucker’s pecs with his dick. Jason slides off his overalls to release his monster. Adam gasping for breath as he worships it.

Adam sits on a rim seat, their cocks rock hard as Jason tongues quivering stud’s hole. Adam sucks Jason as he gets eaten, then gets on all fours. Jason wraps his arm around the bottom. Adam grips it as he gets plowed.

Adam straddles the sling as he gets it doggie style. He gets on his back. His cock is bouncing as Jason thrusts inside him. Jason jacks Adam’s load out, then spurts on the bottom’s beard.


Jason Vario and Adam Ramzi Testing Sling Fuck 01 Jason Vario and Adam Ramzi Testing Sling Fuck 02


Watch “Sling, Scene 1” at TITAN MEN



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