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jaxton wheeler pounds james hastings hard

Jaxton Wheeler Pounds James Hastings Hard in “Moving In” at DYLAN LUCAS

James has just moved into a new house. So he is still unpacking when a friend gives him a call to see how the move is going. James tells his buddy that his new landlord Jaxton is a smoking hot Daddy. Also he would love to hook up with him. But he tells his friend that his landlord is probably not into him. What James doesn’t know is that Mr. Wheeler has been listening in on his conversation from the other side of the wall. Jaxton loves what he is hearing and once James hangs up the phone he walks into the room and begins to grope James. James becomes surprised but he takes advantage of this fantasy by moving in for the kiss. They begin to make out and soon enough James is on his knees worshiping Jaxton’s big thick Daddy cock.

James is hard as a rock as he gulps every thick inch of Mr. Wheeler. So he decides to blow James showing him how a Daddy blows a young buck. Jaxton bends James over and spreads his legs and begins to rim his young eager ass. James is in heaven as his landlord lubes up his ass with all his saliva. Also James wants Daddy’s big thick dick inside him and Jaxton does just that. Jaxton pushes his thick meat into him and starts fucking him deep and hard giving the college boy what he wants. Jaxton takes him to the ground and continues to penetrate his tight hole while he is on his back.

James’ legs are spread wide and Jaxton pulls his meat out and releases his big load all over James’ chest. Also James loves what he sees and busts his nut all over as well. Now James has a story to tell all his college buddies. Enjoy!


Jaxton Wheeler Pounds James Hastings Hard 01 Jaxton Wheeler Pounds James Hastings Hard 02 Jaxton Wheeler Pounds James Hastings Hard 03 Jaxton Wheeler Pounds James Hastings Hard 04


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