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jay davis barebacks sherman maus

Jay Davis Barebacks Sherman Maus at GUY BONE

A furry, cute pup, Jay Davis is totally versatile in bed, but wasn’t quite sure he could handle Sherman’s monster cock. So he stuck to the top bunk. These two were a wonderful match, and they couldn’t wait to get started. Hatted and horned up, Jay pulled his dick out. Sherman swallowed his thick member as Jay teased his costar’s hole under his shorts. Sherman’s growing rod had slipped out and was throbbing with anticipation. Jay moved to the side of the bed and throat fucked his taller counterpart with his stiff, curved cock. Then he leaned over into a hot 69 and gulped down Sherman’s hardon. While Jay worked on Sherman’s hog, Sherman rimmed Jay’s hairy hole. Then Sherman took his turn at throat fucking, using Jay’s mouth like a fuck puppet.

Once Jay was sufficiently steely, he spit on his shaft and slid it inside Sherman. It was a one way ticket to Pound Town and they were on the express train! Jay took no time getting to the hardcore side of the scene, absolutely railing Sherman’s ass. His fit little furry torso danced back and forth as he fucked his hungry bottom. Sherman moaned delightfully, enjoying every inch of Jay’s girthy rod. Jay took his turn eating out his scene partner, burying his face and tongue between Sherman’s sexed buttcheeks. They’re rimming break was short lived, however, as neither could wait one more second to get back to the sensational screwing. Over the edge of the bed in doggy, Jay hammered Sherman’s hole hard.

They took turns thrusting and Jay’s hard dick never looked hotter fucking Sherman’s ass raw. Jay picked up the pace as he neared climax and kissed Sherman hard on the lips. They stared into each other’s sexy eyes as they screwed and before long Jay was ready to pop. He sat up and pulled out just long enough to paint Sherman’s thirsty gully, then he drove his dick back in and continued humping like the horny pup he was. Sherman said he wanted to ride it. And ride it, he did! He jerked his own cock as he bounced on Jay’s boner, edging out an enticing nut all over the pup’s furry nipples and chest. Then he scooped some up to give them both a taste and they finished with a cummy kiss that certainly sealed the deal on this successful welcome scene for Sherman.


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