Manuel Skye Drills Rikk York in Beards, Bulges & Ballsacks! at RAGING STALLION

First of all Rikk York is smoking a cigarette next to a barrel fire in a seedy alleyway. And he isn’t wearing anything but a leather vest and big black boots. Dirty muscle daddy, Manuel Skye, approaches the hung stud and rubs his cock through his jockstrap. So he gives Rikk a peek at his giant, meaty sack.

The two muscled up hunks start making out and rubbing beards. Furthermore Rikk squats down and takes Manuel’s big boner down his open throat. Manuel’s low hanging balls swing between his legs as he face fucks Rikk’s greedy mouth. Also Rikk needs his hairy asshole serviced. Therefor he spreads his cheeks to let the daddy get all the way into the pink with his fingers and long, experienced tongue. Leaning back, Manuel savors Rikk sitting on his throbbing pole. Manuel takes over and pounds the stud’s hairy bubble butt, stretching him to the limits.

Rikk bounces and grunts as every last inch of the monster cock goes in and out of his tight body. Spreading his legs as far as they’ll go, Rikk lies back as Manuel stands above him and keeps a relentless steady pace of thrusting his pelvis deep into the hairy hunk. After all the ass reaming, the guys jack their cocks together. Manuel is the first to let loose and shoots a whooper of a load that hits his own face and sticks in Rikk’s big, black beard. They kiss and share Manuel’s load as Rikk’s dick oozes thick, white cum into his hand and all over his fuzzy crotch. Finally Manuel rubs the sticky jizz into Rikk’s hairy chest. And they continue kissing and swapping cum as they rub their drenched bodies together.


Manuel Skye Drills Rikk York 01 Manuel Skye Drills Rikk York 02 Manuel Skye Drills Rikk York 03 Manuel Skye Drills Rikk York 04 Manuel Skye Drills Rikk York 05 Manuel Skye Drills Rikk York 06


Watch Beards, Bulges & Ballsacks! at RAGING STALLION



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