Manuel Skye Fucks Zack Acland at BUTCH DIXON

We ‘ve got a glut of sexy ginger blokes and stunning Zack Acland is giving it up big style to handsome horse hung Manuel Skye. These hairy, tall, broad and very masculine guys are a frenzy of hairy fuckery. Manuel is 100% top beef and stunning Zack is deliciously bearded, uncut and sexy as hell.

Zack can’t wait to suck Manuel’s big, uncircumcised dick. And Manuel is equally eager to turn this hairy stud around. So he can stuck his handsome face well in between those beefy butt cheeks. And then that glistening extra two inches of probing, spit-silk tongue is pushing into the blossoming knot of Zack’s aching fuck-hole. While its gonna be a tight squeeze, but bend over and brace yourself ‘tight squeezes’ are the best kind!


Manuel Skye Fucks Zack Acland 01 Manuel Skye Fucks Zack Acland 02 Manuel Skye Fucks Zack Acland 03 Manuel Skye Fucks Zack Acland 04



Watch this scene at BUTCH DIXON


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