Nick Capra fucks Shawn Wolfe in “Cockquest” at RAGING STALLION

Shawn Wolfe is sprawled on top of Nick Capra. Their hairy chests and hard cocks press together, as do their tongues. Shawn slides down Nick’s belly to swallow Nick’s massive cock. Nick’s reactions prove just how good a cocksucker Shawn is! Once he’s satisfied his oral cravings, Shawn positions his ass over Nick’s saliva-coated dick and slowly lowers himself down, savoring every inch as it slides in. Nick’s cock is as fat as his wrist and you can see how much it stretches Shawn’s hole. Shawn grinds on Nick’s thick tool for a hard, wild ride with a soundtrack of groans and slapping flesh. Nick turns Shawn around and mounts him doggy style, increasing the pace and the pressure until he can’t hold back his load. Roaring, with sweat dripping, Nick has just enough time to aim his load at Shawn’s open mouth. The hungry cocksucker doesn’t miss a drop of Nick’s thick spunk. Shawn’s load is only moments behind and they end with a cum-swapping kiss.

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