francesco dmacho and matt cole flip fuck

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Francesco D’Macho and  Matt Cole Flip Fuck in “Private Lowlife, Scene 1” at HOT HOUSE AUTHORITY FIGURE Privates Francesco D’Macho and Matt Cole stand at attention in Drill Sergeant Marc Williams’ office. Sergeant Williams demonstrates his authority by ordering Private D’Macho to clean up the mess in his office. Private Cole takes advantage of the […]

Alex Collack

kirk ziegler fucks alex collack

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Kirk Ziegler fucks Alex Collack in “Private Lowlife”, Scene 5 at HOT HOUSE   GROOMING Base barber Kent North excuses himself to take a piss, leaving uncut soldier Ziegler stroking his fat cock in the barber chair. Private Collack steps up to take Ziegler’s juicy rod deep down his throat then pulls his own uncut, rock […]

Damien Crosse

damien crosse fucks antton harri

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Damien Crosse fucks Antton Harri in RAGING STALLION: To The Last Man – The Gathering Storm, Scene 2 John (Antton Harri) is busy bounding horseshoes on the anvil whenDillon (Damien Crosse) enters. John is irritated that Dillon is late forwork, but Dillon is about to make up for it. Dillon declares that it is toohot […]