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peter marcus barebacks elder land

New Mormon daddy Bishop Gibson – Peter Marcus Barebacks Elder Land in THE CALLING at MORMON BOYZ

Elder Land (Logan Cross) was stuck thinking about his invasive meeting with President Faust. The older man told him about a secret organization known simply as The Order. There he was to meet with Bishop Gibson. As soon as he entered the office of the president, he was told to take a seat. “I’m here to formally invite you into The Order,” the handsome man said to him. “Do you know what that means?” “It means that you do everything I ask you to do,” said the bishop. “And you can begin by standing up.” Elder Land did as he was told. Even when he was told to take off his shirt, he did was he was told. “If you want to join the Order,” the bearded man spoke slowly and deliberately, “you must do everything I say. Take off your pants.” And with that, Elder Land did.

He wanted to make Bishop Gibson like him, even if it meant betraying his efforts to avoid same-sex encounters. Bishop Gibson ran a hand over his stomach, feeling under the shirt of his garments, tracing his fingertips over his abs. Bishop Gibson took a hand to the boy’s genitals, feeling them swell beneath the fabric of his garments. “Nice. Very nice.” Bishop Gibson pulled off Land’s garments, revealing his smooth, athletic frame. “Get on the desk.” Gibson stood up, clearing space for Land to move. With his ass high in the air, his muscular backside was practically calling to the powerful bishop. When he stopped behind him, he gently pulled his penis back, pointing it’s hard, stiff length straight down. He played with his balls, too, watching them fall in place. But his real joy came when he leaned down and took a taste of Land’s tight hole.

He licked his lips and savored him like he was delicious snack. He dove his face back down, harder this time, intentionally running the soft bristles of his beard against Land’s delicate, eager hole. Elder Land was in ecstasy. The older man lifted up from the boy’s hole and moved around to his front side. “Kneel,” he ordered, with the precise severity of a trainer to a pet dog. And like a well trained pup, Elder Land was quick down to his knees. Bishop Gibson pointed casually to his crotch while he pulled his penis out through the pants zipper. It tasted better than he imagined. While inhaling the scent of his crotch and sucking down the shaft of his penis, Elder Land worshipped his crush’s cock. Also Bishop Gibson looked down, unbuttoning his shirt and removing his belt.

“I want you on the desk,” Gibson said softly. Elder Land moved back to the desk, leaning over it and placing his hands flat on its surface. Behind him, Bishop Gibson removed the remainder of his clothing. Bishop Gibson stood closer to him, stroking his hard, wet cock, placing a hand on the boy’s soft butt. Also he ran a finger up the crack of his ass, teasing his hole as it moved. Gibson planted his penis where his finger had trailed, pressing it up against the tight pucker of his ass. He could hear the end of the boy’s sustained breath turn into a moan. So Bishop Gibson pumped himself increasingly faster and faster, pounding his substantial member against the boy’s inside. And he knew he wouldn’t stop until the boy was oozing cum all over the desk…


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