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ray diesel and trey turner fuck hans berlin and brian bonds

Ray Diesel and Trey Turner Fuck Hans Berlin and Brian Bonds in Tops vs. Bottoms Pt 1 at BREED ME NOW

Tops vs. Bottoms is how this pool game was gonna be played but it didn’t take long before the sticks where dropped and the balls were out between these bareback sluts. Ray Diesel and Trey Turner on the top side soon got their bottoms to their knees, sucking hot black cocks.  Of course hunks Brian Bonds and Hans Berlin could not refuse juicy fat cocks so they let their holes be used for some smoking hot interracial fucking!







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ray diesel fucks alex mason raw

Ray Diesel Fucks Alex Mason Raw at BAREBACK THAT HOLE

There’s something special about working with Alex Mason and Ray Diesel. After filming them in a 3-way the day before, we just knew we had to get them one-on-one as well. Glad we did! Alex was super eager to get another taste of Ray’s thick meat. Just as much as Ray was eager to get inside Alex’s nice tight hole! And after a little kissing, sucking and rimming, that’s exactly what happened. From the look on Alex’s face you can tell just how much fun he was having. In fact, he was having so much fun that he came twice during filming!

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