Rich Kelly Sling Fucks Jonny Kingdom at BULLDOG PIT

Rich Kelly is in his apartment waiting for his next boy to arrive. Pushing the door open, blond stud Jonny walks in and hands his new master his lead and drops to his knees right away; he’s very well trained! Flipping his stiff dick out and letting his boy work on it, the spit drips and dicks stiffen. Moving blond Jonny around to his hairy ass, he laps at Rich’s butthole, there to pleasure him in any way he wants! Pulled onto the waiting sling, now it’s Jonny’s turn for assplay! Leather gloves are pushed into Jonny’s smooth hole and swiftly replaced by Rich’s tongue, eager to get deeper into that pink hole each time. Slamming his dick into Jonny now, Rich pulls on the sling to make sure he doesn’t lose any depth, Jonny just there taking it all with nothing he can do! The first to shoot, Jonny’s spunk spurts from him, but Rich isn’t done yet and continues to pound his hole until he pulls out and shoots over his boys chest, mixing the spunk, sweat and leather for one final time!

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