Ricky Decker fucks Donnie Dean in Bad Cop Scene 3 at TITAN MEN

“You’ve gotta stop coming here on my security shifts!” smiles Donnie Dean, who catches fellow cop Ricky Decker stroking his big dick in a resident’s garage. They kiss, their scruffy skins grazing before Donnie opens wide to swallow the dark-haired stud’s thick meat, the sucker’s own boner grazing Ricky’s leg. Donnie feeds him back, whipping the side of Ricky’s mouth with it as they both smile. Ricky spits on it, the two soon kissing as their cocks meet in a hot swordplay sequence. They eat each other out, Ricky then fucking Donnie’s rippling jock ass from behind—the top’s muscular, hairy legs slamming the bottom’s ass. Donnie sits down on Ricky, his big dick bobbing as his ass grinds on Ricky’s root. On his back, Donnie grips Ricky’s big pec as he gets fucked—whipping his boner against the top’s abs as the intensity builds, the two staring at each other. Ricky goes deep, his smooth g roin slamming the bottom’s smooth sac. Ricky strokes his bud to release as he fucks him, then comes on Donnie’s cock as the scorching scene ends.

bcop_scene02_Dean_Decker_002 bcop_scene02_Dean_Decker_003 bcop_scene02_Dean_Decker_004 bcop_scene02_Dean_Decker_005 bcop_scene02_Dean_Decker_006 bcop_scene02_Dean_Decker_007 bcop_scene02_Dean_Decker_008 bcop_scene02_Dean_Decker_009 Ricky Decker fucks Donnie Dean 010 bcop_scene02_Dean_Decker_011 bcop_scene02_Dean_Decker_012 bcop_scene02_Dean_Decker_013 bcop_scene02_Dean_Decker_014 bcop_scene02_Dean_Decker_015 bcop_scene02_Dean_Decker_016 Ricky Decker fucks Donnie Dean 017 bcop_scene02_Dean_Decker_018 bcop_scene02_Dean_Decker_019 bcop_scene02_Dean_Decker_020 bcop_scene02_Dean_Decker_021 bcop_scene02_Dean_Decker_022