Rikk York Fucks Alessio Romero in Half Hearted Part 4 at MEN OVER 30

It’s the end of the series and Rikk is sad that Alessio couldn’t break up with his BF. Rikk is back cleaning his fish tank as he mopes around the house until the doorbell rings. He answers the door and its Alessio again saying hello. Rikk tries to slam the door on him but Alessio begs him not to and tells him that he finally broke up with his BF and to prove it to him he has brought over his luggage and is ready to move in. Rikk is touched by the gesture and the two go back into the house for some hot romantic man on man fun. Alessio even lets Rikk fuck him this time to show his commitment in the relationship. The two have passionate sex pleasing each other like they never have before. The love between them has come full circle and they have no worries left except who will be making dinner after they unload all they built up cum. Enjoy!

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