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rogan richards and dato foland fuck klein kerr

Rogan Richards and Dato Foland Fuck Klein Kerr in ‘DOUBLE STAKES’ for MEN AT PLAY

With the return of Australian Beefcake Rogan Richards, the SuperPorn Star Dato Foland and the undeniably stunning Klein Kerr this scene packs a mighty-meaty punch the likes of which we haven’t seen for a while on Menatplay.

I mean three-ways are always a cock pumper but seriously ? these three together ? This is going to be a ride to remember . Dato , Rogan and Klein are among the top hottest men on the web and they cum together in this new Menatplay scene ” Double Stakes “.
Rogan is working his shift at the local cruising bar serving up drinks for regular eye candy Dato Foland . Friendly banter turns to a wager when suited executive Klein Kerr walks in. Klein stands out like a perfectly dressed sore thumb and if Rogan’s bet plays out Klein will definitely be getting sore soon enough.

Rogan bets his buddy Dato that he can’t get the suit off the stranger and fuck his brains out. This is easy prey for Dato so he takes up the challenge willingly . What follows is young Klein double sucking on the beefy boys dicks before becoming their spit roast . So we’re left wondering who won the bet – looks like they were all three winners in the end .


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