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ryan finch eating furry asshole

Ryan Finch Eating Furry Asshole of Seth Santoro in “Trapped” at RAGING STALLION

Tegan Zayne heads north for the weekend to collect his thoughts and to sort out his life. After stopping in at a watering hole he finds himself in a less than ideal situation with a local stud who takes advantage of his distraught state of mind. Tegan is drugged and kidnapped right outside the bar in broad daylight. Meanwhile, inside the bar, Seth Santoro and Ryan Finch have their cocks out by the pool table. They jack their bushy rods and make out hard. Also the studs worship each other’s musky pits and bulging muscles with plenty of licking, sniffing and spitting to go around.

Seth caves to his cock huger and gets on his knees to take Ryan’s throbbing dick down his throat. Seth is eager to please. Also he gets Ryan as hard as he can get as he deepthroats and gags on the ripped jock’s cock. After sucking on Ryan, Seth bends his buddy over the pool table to lick his tight, hairy hole. Ryan loves Seth’s tongue in his ass and moans out as he begs Seth to go deeper. Seth wants some ass action too and mounts up to ride his buddy’s face. So Seth rubs his furry asshole all over Ryan’s hungry mouth. And then he shoves his cock down his throat to face fuck Ryan balls deep.

All the ass eating gets Ryan ready to blow and Seth leans over to lick up Ryan’s big wet load. The taste of Ryan on his tongue puts Seth over the edge. So he drains his sack all over Ryan’s panting, sweaty face. Finally Seth and Ryan are fully satisfied. Enjoy!


Ryan Finch Eating Furry Asshole of Seth Santoro 01 Ryan Finch Eating Furry Asshole of Seth Santoro 02


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