Sean Duran Bangs Rikk York in “Gun Show” at RAGING STALLION

Second Amendment activist Sean Duran is handing out right wing literature at the ‘Gun Show’. And he sets his sights on Rikk York. Sean tries explaining to Rikk that ‘cry-baby liberals are gonna take away all our guns!’ Rikk likes what he sees in Sean. So he offers to talk about Sean’s concerns in a more private setting. And the minute they stay alone, Rikk makes his moves on the tatted stud. First of all he goes in to give him a kiss. And Sean protests at first. He is not understanding what the hell is going on. Rikk calms Sean’s little conservative brain by telling him to relax.  And he reaches into his bulging camouflage pants to rub his growing chub.

It only takes a second for Sean to whip out his dick and peel off his Ted Nugent vintage Tee. And Rikk isn’t quiet about sucking on Sean’s hot rod. So he gags and spits as he slobbers all over it. Also the guys are within ear shot of the gun booth owner. And he keeps turning around to see if what he’s hearing is real. He sneaks over to get a better listen as Rikk bends over and gets his asshole eaten out by Republican Sean and his not-so-conservative ass licking tongue. In addition Sean is sure he could fit the barrel of a Glock 17 firmly all the way up Rikk’s butt. And he splays the muscle jock over a container with his legs in the air. Finally he inserts his weapon of choice.

It’s a beautiful thing to see two horny studs fucking in front of a rack of guns at a public show. And both hung dudes are getting off to the idea. All the guns surrounding them and the sensation of Rikk’s tight ass enveloping his giant cock is all that Sean can handle. And then he pulls his meat out and dumps his load all over Rikk’s hot ass. As a result Sean is thirsty. And he needs to taste what’s inside Rikk’s loaded pistol. So he gets under Rikk’s big hairy dick. And he opens his mouth to get every drop that Rikk has in his emptied-out chamber.


Sean Duran Bangs Rikk York 01 Sean Duran Bangs Rikk York 02 Sean Duran Bangs Rikk York 03 Sean Duran Bangs Rikk York 04 Sean Duran Bangs Rikk York 05


Watch “Gun Show” at RAGING STALLION


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