chase acland barebacks zack acland

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Chase Acland Barebacks Zack Acland at BUTCH DIXON Don’t let Zack’s blonde streak fool you. This is perhaps our first Ginger duo ever! These hypermasculine men with sexy red beards have a bareback Grindr hookup in the dark room of a Montreal gay bar. It might be dark… but no so dark that we can’t […]

angel garcia fucks hans berlin

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Angel Garcia Fucks Hans Berlin at BUTCH DIXON I’ve been waiting for this one, that gorgeous, big, broad, bruiser – Hans Berlin, at last gives up that succulent, solid arse, and he gets it good – sweet ‘n’ sexy Angel Garcia does a devil of a job on Hans’ raw hole. These big, handsome bastards […]

kevin david fucks mike stallone

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Kevin David Fucks Micke Stallone at BUTCH DIXON Christmas is cumming and lets face it so will you be after this scene, Stunning, bristling, clippered, hairy and hung Micke Stallone is our delicious beefy bottom, with the equally, yumalicious Kevin David as our rampantly ( with the accent on the ‘RAM’) sexy top. The handsome, […]

dany romeo fucks geo solvek hard

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Dany Romeo Fucks Geo Solvek Hard at BUTCH DIXON Dany is in a sex club watching porn on his phone. When he takes out his awesomely thick cock to stroke it, he immediately catches the eye of masculine hunk Geo. Geo saunters over and spits in his hand before getting a grip of the girthy […]

toro tyrk fucks angel de vil

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Toro Tyrk Fucks Angel de Vil at BUTCH DIXON You asked for hairy, untrimmed, completely natural men – well you got ’em. Angel De Vil hasn’t seen a razor or tweezers in ages and sexy, exhibitionist Toro – is luving the wiry brush of hair that covers this 100% masculine piece of beef. Angel was […]

viktor rom fucks ricky ruiz hard

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Viktor Rom Fucks Ricky Ruiz Hard at BUTCH DIXON He’s back, the tall dark man with the big stick, our favourite club-cocked-fucker – Viktor Rom, six foot three inches of donkey-dick, fucking machine and what better complement to this bristling brute? a stunning, cock-hungry bottom slut in the mouthwatering shape of Ricky Ruiz, hot damn […]

hot french guy robin fanteria jerks off

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Hot French Guy Robin Fanteria Jerks Off at BUTCH DIXON He’s back our sexy French scallywag, Robin Fanteria, looking ripped, totally masculine, and with that super, big-helmeted dong ( so wide and swollen he can’t pull his foreskin over it – I offered to help. He’s filling his tight whities to capacity with a super […]

diego senna fucks antonio miracle raw in the kitchen

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Diego Senna Fucks Antonio Miracle Raw in the Kitchen at BUTCH DIXON The big, burly, hairy lads are cooking up a storm, all meat, cream and sweat based, but very lickable and suckable. Antonio Miracle just had to come back for more stiff, bareback cock, this time ably supplied but strapping, mean-looking fucker, Diego Senna, […]

antonio miracle barebacks abraham montenegro

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Antonio Miracle Barebacks Abraham Montenegro at BUTCH DIXON Our favourite cum-dumpster cutie – Abraham Montenegro is back for more, and we always make sure this hot-hole-hunk leaves the set sopping, spunked and sated. Who better to put this cute, bearded lad through his paces than, broad, muscular and very, oh-so-very sexy Antonio Miracle, the devil […]

xavi duran fucks isaac eliad

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Xavi Duran Fucks Isaac Eliad at BUTCH DIXON What to do with a beautiful new face!? – cum in it, that’s Isaac’s way of thinking. Stunning, sparkling blue eyed hunk Xavi Duran pops his porno cherry with a resounding splat as he and Isaac Eliad fuck up a steamy, spunky, hairy storm in the dungeon. […]

jessy ares fucks mario domenech hard

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Jessy Ares Fucks Mario Domenech Hard at BUTCH DIXON WOOPI, Jessy Ares AND Mario Domenech, the devil himself couldn’t have made a tastier, more spicy, meat based dish, we knew when we booked these guys it was gonna be a real doozey – and it is, with Mario getting his talented arse totally wrecked – […]

lake simkin fucks brandon smith deep

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Lake Simkin Fucks Brandon Smith Deep at BUTCH DIXON Its still wintery so lets get the HAIR in here, Lake is a sexy, hairy, bearded gents with a big dick and a big appetite for hairy young lads …just like Brandon, a sexy bearded ginger bottom who’s as horny as he is sexy. They’re brand […]

viktor rom barebacks casio

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Viktor Rom Barebacks Casio at BUTCH DIXON Hold onto your pants, our meanest, most ruthless fucker – Viktor Rom is back – if you’re looking for the tall dark man – look no further, and this time he’s pitted against a big, tall, burly, bearded, equally big-dicked stud – Casio. Casio knows what he wants, […]

ex soldier david james jerks off

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Ex Soldier David James Jerks Off and Takes a Glass Butt Plug Into His Arse at BUTCH DIXON The first big crush of the year, WOW, this guy is so effortlessly sexy, his first time – David James ex straight guy, ex soldier ( with some very sexy stories), dark, tanned, muscular, hairy, untrimmed, a […]