jay alexander fucks bennett anthony deep

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Jay Alexander Fucks Bennett Anthony Deep in “I Need Big Cock” at EXTRA BIG DICKS Bennett has received some pictures on his phone from Jay. Bennett can’t believe how big this guy’s cock is and thinks it could be fake. He keeps swiping on his phone while playing with his dick and finally he calls […]

scott demarco fucks buddy mason

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Scott DeMarco Fucks Buddy Mason in “Locker Room Cock” at EXTRA BIG DICKS Scott has come into the locker room thinking he is all alone he starts stroking his huge cock. He rubs his own body while pulling on his cock up against the locker. He keeps an eye on the door to make sure […]

dustin steele fucks ace era

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Dustin Steele Fucks Ace Era in “The Playroom” at EXTRA BIG DICKS Dustin has invited Ace over to his new ‘Play Space’ and is eager to have sex with the stunning 6’3′ hunk of a man.  Ace has indicated that he likes guys with big cocks and wants to get fucked a little rough.  Dustin […]

jace chambers fucks dominic pacifico

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Jace Chambers Fucks Dominic  Pacifico in Training Hard Part 3 at EXTRA BIG DICKS Dominic and Jace are both cleaning up their gym locker room/shower area and having some small talk with each other.  Dominic asks Jace to tell him what happened with Bryan and Jace asks if he really wants to know.  Dominic wants […]

dustin steele and anthony jones flip fuck

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Dustin Steele and Anthony Jones Flip Fuck in “The Photo Studio Part 2” at EXTRA BIG DICKS Jace Chambers is calling his assistant Anthony Jones into the photo studio.  He tells Anthony to get things cleaned up and upload the photos from his camera.  Anthony reminds Jace that he is doing a test shoot of […]

jimmy slater drills derek parker

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Jimmy Slater Drills Derek Parker in “Big Dick Negotiations” at EXTRA BIG DICKS Derek has been taking his sweet time fixing Jimmy’s car but there is a really good reason for it. Once Jimmy shows up at the auto shop he confronts Derek and wants to know when he will be done with his ride. […]

dylan knight fucks jimmie slater

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Dylan Knight Fucks Jimmie Slater in Wardrobe Malfunction at EXTRA BIG DICKS Description : Dylan has showed up for a photo shoot with Jimmie. The plan is to go into the wardrobe room and see if the baseball uniform will fit.  At first glance it seems like yes it will fit but once Dylan tries […]

hung stud christian wilde tops sean duran

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Hung Stud Christian Wilde Tops Sean Duran in “More Than He Bargained For” at EXTRA BIG DICKS Sean found a big dick online and it’s attached to Christian. They’ve been texting back and forth about how big his dick is and Sean wants him to come in the door and just start pounding his ass. […]

doug acre fucks landon kovak deep

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Doug Acre Fucks Landon Kovak Deep and Hard in What Have We Got Here at EXTRA BIG DICKS Time for a nice workout in the locker room and we are not talking about weights. Landon is minding his own business when Doug comes walking in and drops his towel as he is changing. Landon sees […]

trey turner and osiris blade fuck with double ended dildo

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Trey Turner and Osiris Blade Fuck With Double Ended Dildo in “Double Ended Fun” at EXTRA BIG DICKS It’s game night over at Osiris’s house and he’s getting the board all ready for Trey when he arrives. Trey arrives in perfect timing but he suggests a new game and points to a long brown bag. […]