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Ripped Ginger Daniel Jerks Off Outdoor at ISLAND STUDS Daniel is a ripped lean, 28 year old, 5’8″ and 155lbs. This all-American bearded Montana Mountain man and farmer has a FULL BUSH of brown ginger dick hair surrounding his perfect cock! Daniel strips out of his street clothes and flops his bushy cock out of […]


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Hot Surfer Roose Manhandles his Cock at ISLAND STUDS Roose, is a thick furry Blue Collar Surfer, who has lived in Hawaii for 10 years. He is 29 years old, 5’11 and a tanky 182 lbs. This handsome, rugged, polite, Southern Kentucky Boy moved to the Islands when he was just 21 years old. This […]


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Masculine Guy Baker Jerks Off Outdoor at ISLAND STUDS First of all, what an amazing big muscle butt on this ripped Bodybuilder! And this video shows Baker’s nasty side. Watch as he puts down his bar bells and grabs his ass cheeks and opens them for our camera! “Do you like GAPING Holes?”, Baker asks […]


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Dirty Nudist Kurty Jerks His Thick Uncut Dick on Public Beach at ISLAND STUDS Dirty Kurty a beefy, uncut, hairy ass surfer with a thick bush of untrimmed dick hair who enjoys walking around the surf beach fully nude after riding waves COMPLETELY naked, playing in the sand, taking a piss on the beach, jerking […]


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Furry Bartender Buck Works and Jerks Naked at ISLAND STUDS Big Buck is Tall, Furry good ol’ Southern Bartender from the Mississippi Shore, with a FULL BUSH of dick, chest and back hair who enjoys stroking his thick 8″ cock as he works fully naked in the garden, compares his massive cock to his ‘fighting […]


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Hairy and Beefy Stan Working HARD Outside at ISLAND STUDS Stan tosses pizzas at a local restaurant in Honolulu.  And, occasionally when the driver is sick, he really does deliver.  So next time you are on the Islands, order a pizza and hope that Stan comes to you!  At 26, standing 5′ 4″ and weighting […]


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Hot Straight Studs Go Gay on Camera for the First Time at ISLAND STUDS Muscular hairy Dan & beefy hairless bear cub Kyle are two real-life straight jocks that agreed to experiment and “go gay” for the first time on video. These horny straight guys explore each other’s bodies and suck dick for the very first […]