dato foland and frank valencia flip fuck

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Dato Foland and Frank Valencia Flip Fuck for MEN AT PLAY It’s not called Menatplay for nothing. But by ‘Play‘ we don’t mean a bunch of tedious business men at a dreary office party getting slowly hammered , stuck in awkward conversations. No, in our offices ‘play’ is when the hottest guys slip away from […]

matthew anders fucks paco hard

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Matthew Anders Fucks Paco Hard in “THE BIG TIP” for MEN AT PLAY Leaving his digits on the receipt at an Italian restaurant has the desired effect for Matthew Anders. The lucky waiter on the receiving end of this business man’s blatant flirt is Paco. This sexy, hairy Italian bear hasn’t been seen on Menatplay […]

hector de silva pounds sebastin reiss hard

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Hector De Silva Pounds Sebastian Reiss Hard and Fast in “CTRL+C” for MEN AT PLAY Newcomer Alert! We have a new face (and cock) on the block, Sebastian Reis and we’re so buzzed about this one. Hector de Silva however is not that thrilled with the new guy especially as he’s been noticing a few […]

jean franko fucks mike de marko

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Jean Franko Fucks Mike De Marko in “MANTRAP” for MEN AT PLAY Menatplay have an early Christmas present for all you porn lovers – the return of hairy, latino hunk Jean Franko who makes his return after a 3 year absence. And he’s back in Dominant Top mode , ready to fuck the hell out […]

rogan richards and dato foland fuck klein kerr

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Rogan Richards and Dato Foland Fuck Klein Kerr in ‘DOUBLE STAKES’ for MEN AT PLAY With the return of Australian Beefcake Rogan Richards , the SuperPorn Star Dato Foland and the undeniably stunning Klein Kerr this scene packs a mighty-meaty punch the likes of which we haven’t seen for a while on Menatplay . I […]

hector de silva fucks jay roberts outdoor

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Hector De Silva Fucks Jay Roberts Outdoor in ‘WET HOT’ for MEN AT PLAY JAY ROBERTS makes his long awaited return to MENATPLAY, and he’s looking better than ever. With hints of grey in his hair and the kind of sex appeal and masculinity that only a more mature man can exude, Jay is back […]

antonio miracle fucks robbie rojo

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Antonio Miracle Fucks Robbie Rojo in ‘DILF’  for MEN AT PLAY The last time Antonio Miracle appeared on MENATPLAY it didn’t escape our attention how generously hung he was, and ever since we’ve been imagining how that veiny monster would look poking out of the zipper of a smart pair of trousers (Admit it, your […]

dato foland fucks logan moore

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Dato Foland Fucks Logan Moore “IN THE SHADOWS” for MEN AT PLAY Ever since DATO FOLAND’s return to MENATPLAY, LOGAN MOORE has been asking to get fucked by him, and how could we say no when the thought of these two together is enough to get the blood rushing to your dick. These two men […]

emir boscatto fucks hector de silva hard

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Emir Boscatto Fucks Hector de Silva Hard in “JUNGLE: THE LION’S DEN” for MEN AT PLAY A few weeks ago we premiered our new series ‘Jungle’, where we explore the theme of dominance and submission. And this week in Chapter 2 we turn the dial all the way up and bring you a 5-star serving […]

enzo rimenez fucks dani robles

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Enzo Rimenez Fucks Dani Robles in Cine-X 3 for MEN AT PLAY The secret Menatplay Adult Theatre is already turning into one of our favourite hangouts for guaranteed man-on-man action, and it seems that word of it has got around fast. Fast enough to lure Dani Robles out of his office (not that he needs […]

enzo rimenez fucks denis vega hard

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Enzo Rimenez Fucks Denis Vega Hard in ‘ROUGH TRADE’ for MEN AT PLAY Menatplay is on fire at the moment as an abundant crop of super hot men to raise the mercury level, as well as our uncontrollable dicks. Case in point is this week’s showdown between dark Latino beefcake Denis Vega and slick suited […]

dato foland fucks carter dane hard

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Dato Foland Fucks Carter Dane Hard in “Ready To Play” for MEN AT PLAY We’ve been keeping this under wraps for a while, but we can finally reveal our exclusive news – The much awaited return of Dato Foland to MENATPLAY alongside stunning newcomer Carter Dane, together in all their perfect handsomeness. This is the […]

hector de silva fucks emir boscatto hard

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Hector De Silva Fucks Emir Boscatto Hard in “The Book Buff” for MEN AT PLAY Its another 5-Star scene from Menatplay starring Hector De Silva as the ‘Hot as Fuck’ Lecturer who gets to initiate Argentinian muscle-hunk Emir Boscatto in his first bottoming scene. And you’ll see it only on MENATPLAY! But don’t be fooled, […]

alex graham fucks muscled flex xtremmo

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Alex Graham Fucks Muscled Flex Xtremmo in Leather Fetish Shop for MEN AT PLAY New Stud Alert ! Alex Graham is a burly muscled blonde who makes his Menatplay debut this week. His thick arms and chest fill out a shirt and suit to busting point. And , during his encounter with top MAP model […]

xavi duran fucks sergyo hard

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Xavi Duran Fucks Sergyo Hard in GENTS 2 for MEN AT PLAY One minute we’re at the office, and the next we’re in a public mens-room on the hunt for some kinky, sleaze-action to kick off a hot and very dirty weekend. When we get there we find Xavi Duran at the urinal stroking his […]