Jessie Colter

sean duran pounds jessie colter

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Sean Duran Pounds Jessie Colter in “Playroom Fuckers” at MEN OVER 30 Sean and Jessie have wanted to fuck for many years, but never had the opportunity. So Sean brings Jessie to his playroom and the two waste no time getting into some heavy play with each other. Sean immediately goes for Jessie’s ass and […]

Flip Fuck

jack andy and julian knowles flip fuck

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Jack Andy and Julian Knowles Flip Fuck in “Muscle Tension” at MEN OVER 30 Julian has come to the Doctor’s office because he has pain in his muscles and shoulder. Jack is the Doctors assistant sent in to get preliminary vitals on Julian. After checking his range of motion and admiring Julian’s muscles, Jack has […]

Aiden Hart

jace chambers drills aiden hart deep

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Jace Chambers Drills Aiden Hart Deep in My Partner the Proctologist at MEN OVER 30 Aiden is let into the exam room at the hospital and he is wearing a hospital gown that is open in the back exposing his beautiful round ass. Jace, who is the Dr., comes into the room and begins his […]

Landon Kovak

sean maygers pounds landon kovak

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Sean Maygers Pounds Landon Kovak in “Train My Ass” at MEN OVER 30 Sean keeps himself in exceptional shape. When we see him enter the locker room it is obvious he works out. As he starts to undress in the locker room, Landon walks in and introduces himself. He has been watching Sean in the […]

Jack Andy

jack andy fucks jack gunther deep

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Jack Andy Fucks Jack Gunther Deep in “Jock Strap Lust” at MEN OVER 30 Jack Andy is in the shower area trying to decide which Jock Strap he wants to wear after his shower. And then Jack Gunther walks in. Gunther asks why Andy always wears Jock Straps. And liking the attention we see Jack […]

Chandler Scott

max sargent drills chandler scott deep

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Max Sargent Drills Chandler Scott Deep in “Doctor’s Fat Cock” at MEN OVER 30 Chandler has come to the doctor because of a crazy night of sex. When DR. Sargent comes in he tells him that he thinks he blacked out the night before when he was with a couple and when he woke up […]

Cesar Rossi

max sargent fucks cesar rossi

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Max Sargent Fucks Cesar Rossi in “Ageless Lovers” at MEN OVER 30 Max and Cesar are new boyfriends. While they are sitting in the bedroom, Max is asking Cesar if he is truly OK with the difference in their ages. Max is in his early 50’s and Cesar 30. Cesar assures him that the age […]