Dante Colle

dante colle bangs logan moore hard

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Dante Colle Bangs Logan Moore Hard in The Chosen Few: Episode 2 – “Lesson Learned” at NAKED SWORD Logan Moore catches his handsome houseguest Dante Colle breaking the golden rule: hooking up with Alam Wernik. So to teach him a lesson, Logan drags Dante into the house and orders him to eat his ass. And […]

Dallas Steele

dallas steele pounds david emblem

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Dallas Steele Pounds David Emblem in Berkeley: Sophomore Year Episode 4 – “Surprise in the Stalls” at NAKED SWORD Sophomore David Emblem knows all of the places to cruise for cock on campus and he’s always looking for action. All it takes is for a guy to make eye contact and hold his stare for […]

Justin Brody

justin brody fucks teddy bryce hard

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Justin Brody Fucks Teddy Bryce Hard in Berkeley: Sophomore Year Episode 3 – “Fucking Anarchy” at NAKED SWORD Activists Justin Brody and Teddy Bryce are making protest signs, getting pumped for tonight’s big Antifa rally. They slip their black ski masks over their heads and bolt out the door headed for the Berkeley campus. By […]

Colton Grey

colton grey and josh milk flip fuck

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Colton Grey and Josh Milk Flip Fuck in Making Rent: Scene 4 “Hustler” at NAKED SWORD The SOMA district of San Francisco brings its fair share of street trade. As Powerhouse bartender Colton Grey arrives to work to open the bar, he is greeted with a pleasant surprise: sexy euro boy Josh Milk passed out […]

Adonis Couverture

adonis couverture pounds seth santoro poolside

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Adonis Couverture Pounds Seth Santoro Poolside in Pool Mates Scene 3 at NAKED SWORD It’s high noon and Seth Santoro is hungry for cock. Luckily Adonis Couverture’s big uncut dick is on the menu. Seth works him into a frenzy with his hot mouth paying special attention to Adonis’ meaty balls. Adonis returns the favor […]

Colton Grey

five hot hunks fuck hard

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Five Hot Hunks Fuck Hard in Paris Perfect Episode 5: “International Gang Bang” at NAKED SWORD Stars: Johnny V, Colton Grey, Theo Ford, Dani Robles, Denis Vega Johnny V and Theo Ford return to the house and the case of the mistaken identity is solved but the 24-hour debt is due. Johnny and Colton Grey […]

Dani Robles

theo ford pounds dani robles

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Theo Ford Pounds Dani Robles in Paris Perfect Episode 3: “Buying Time” at NAKED SWORD As if being forced to eat escargot, “Mr. Ferrand’s Favorite” wasn’t bad enough, Colton Grey’s charade takes a turn for the worst when a Spanish hitman (Dani Robles) turns up at the Penthouse. His threatening demands for payment on a […]

Flip Fuck

francois sagat and johnny v flip fuck

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Francois Sagat and Johnny V Flip Fuck in Paris Perfect Episode 2 “An American In Francois” at NAKED SWORD Dumped and disillusioned with San Francisco, Colton Grey convinces his best friend Johnny V to join him on an all-expense paid trip to Paris. Fourteen hours later the young Americans land. And then he discovers that […]

Casey Jacks

tattooed stud ruckus fucks casey jacks

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Tattooed Stud Ruckus Fucks Casey Jacks in The Devil’s Deal & Other Sordid Tales Ep 3 – ‘Til Death Do Us Part at NAKED SWORD Dinner is prepared, candles lit and wine poured. Our handsome hero (Casey Jacks) eagerly waits for his lover (Ruckus) to come home from work. Hours pass when a brisk breeze […]

Koby Lewis

kayden gray bangs koby lewis

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Kayden Gray Bangs Koby Lewis in Guyspotting Ep.2: “Arsehole” at NAKED SWORD If Grindr were a kingdom Kayden Gray would be King. With his chiseled good looks, defined swimmers build, and monstrous 10-inch cock he has his pick of all the subjects in the land – and today he has summoned hot bottom Twink Koby […]