Eddie Danger

eddie danger bangs scott riley

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Eddie Danger Bangs Scott Riley in “1st Time At The Glory Hole” at PRIDE STUDIOS Eddie Danger has come to use the bathroom but discovers the toilet is out of order. He then notices the hole in the wall of the stall and sees a pair of shoes underneath and then two fingers motioning him […]

Adrian Suarez

scott demarco bangs adrian suarez

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Scott DeMarco Bangs Adrian Suarez in “The Language Of Sex” at PRIDE STUDIOS Adrian Suarez and Scott DeMarco are sitting in bed. And then Scott is asking to be taught phrases in Spanish such as ‘Cock’ ‘Suck My Dick’ ‘I Want Your Cum’ etc. Adrian is amused and obliges him before they both start making […]

Dax Carter

ricky larkin bangs dax carter hard

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Ricky Larkin Bangs Dax Carter Hard in “Muscled UP!” at PRIDE STUDIOS Ricky & Dax are back in the locker room after a great workout. They are mutually admiring each other’s hard work in the gym and comparing gains. This leads to some body fondling and soon both are kissing. Dax drops to his knees […]

Cesar Rossi

cesar rossi and chandler scott flip fuck

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Cesar Rossi and Chandler Scott Flip Fuck in “Runners Pain” at PRIDE STUDIOS Cesar Rossi wants to go for a run because he has been training for a marathon. However, his lower back has been hurting him a lot lately and Chandler Scott offers to rub it to make him feel better. He takes off […]


james stevens bangs dax carter raw

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James Stevens Bangs Dax Carter Raw in “Muscle Envy” at PRIDE STUDIOS James is in the locker room after his workout when Dax walks in covered in sweat. As he undresses, they share a little small talk and James asks how he gets his muscles so big. He approaches Dax and starts fondling and worshipping […]

Chandler Scott

chandler scott pounds dylan drive

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Chandler Scott Pounds Dylan Drive in “Lazy Messy Lover” at PRIDE STUDIOS Chandler is sitting in his messy bedroom on the bed playing a game on his phone when Dylan walks in. Dylan is obviously annoyed because Chandler has not cleaned up the bedroom or apparently done anything but play games while he was away. […]

Hans Berlin

sean maygers fucks hans berlin deep

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Sean Maygers Fucks Hans Berlin Deep in “What’s It Worth To You” at PRIDE STUDIOS Sean is selling his boat and it is in desperate need of repair work. Hans is interested in the boat, but points out the hole in the hull. Once the small-talk is over Sean asks Hans what’s it worth to […]

Aiden Hart

scott demarco pounds aiden hart deep

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Scott DeMarco Pounds Aiden Hart Deep in “Earning My Keep” at PRIDE STUDIOS Scott & Aiden are sitting in bed discussing their future vacation to Italy. Aiden asks Scott if he has been saving his money as he said he would and Scott admits that he might have to borrow some from him. Annoyed, Aiden […]


mike maverick fucks seth santoro

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Mike Maverick Fucks Seth Santoro in “Get To Work!” at PRIDE STUDIO Seth is sitting in the back room of the warehouse he works at looking at his phone when Mike comes through the door. Annoyed that Seth is not working; Mike calls him out and tells him he needs to stop being lazy and […]