michael roman fucks jack andy deep

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Michael Roman Fucks Jack Andy Deep in “Two Dick Minimum” at RAGING STALLION In the dark alley outside the local cruise bar, big and muscular Michael Roman makes his move on ripped stud Jack Andy. They kiss passionately, then Jack frees Michael’s bulge from his pants and wraps his lips around Michael’s hard cock. Kneeling […]

bulrog gives ian greene rimming like ancient romans

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Bulrog Gives Ian Greene Rimming like Ancient Romans in “Erectus” at RAGING STALLION Like Narcissus, Ian Greene observes his reflection in the waters of the fountain’s pool. He’s so enthralled by the reflection in the water, he hardly notices that tall, hairy Bulrog has entered the chamber. Suddenly, Bulrog grabs Ian from behind, breaking the […]

ace era gets ancient roman baths treatmant

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Ace Era gets Ancient Roman Baths Treatment from Tex Davidson and Teddy Torres in “Erectus” at RAGING STALLION In the dark hall of the ancient Roman baths lust knows no bounds, dirty-blond stud Ace Era stands between Tex Davidson and Teddy Torres. Sinking to his knees, Teddy wraps his lips around Tex’s massive cock. Tex […]

jaxton wheeler bangs teddy torres

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Jaxton Wheeler Bangs Teddy Torres in “Erectus” at RAGING STALLION Wearing nothing but threadbare rags tied around their waists, Jaxton Wheeler and Teddy Torres face off in a Roman gladiatorial wrestling match. After several sweaty rounds of combat, Jaxton succeeds in putting Teddy in a headlock and rips off his the rag encircling Teddy’s waist, […]

bennett anthony and caleb daniels flip fuck

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Bennett Anthony and Caleb Daniels Flip Fuck Hard in “Object of Desire” at RAGING STALLION Caleb Daniels hails from Philly, loves rimming, and relishes an intense, connective rapport with his sexual partners. Bennett Anthony is originally from South Carolina, enjoys running, and likes to get aggressive. As they make out and stroke each other’s cocks, […]

mick stallone drills ace era hard

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Mick Stallone Drills Ace Era Hard in “High n’ Tight” at RAGING STALLION As the clippers of the ‘High n’ Tight’ barbershop buzz in the background, Mick Stallone and Ace Era cruise each other in the waiting room. Mick unbuttons his shirt, showing off his hairy chest and tight abs. He yanks out his hard […]

ryan cruz pummels bruno bernal

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Ryan Cruz Pummels Bruno Bernal in “High n’ Tight” at RAGING STALLION As Ryan Cruz sweeps the floor, Bruno Bernal sits in the ‘High n’ Tight‘ barbershop’s waiting area, fixated on Ryan’s ass. When Ryan comes over to ask Bruno what he’s looking for, it’s clear that what Bruno really wants is Ryan. As they […]

letterio amadeo and mick stallone flip fuck

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Letterio Amadeo and Mick Stallone Flip Fuck in “Object of Desire” at RAGING STALLION Mick Stallone is a scruffy versatile stud from Montreal who loves making out and rimming. Letterio Amadeo is a beefy Australian top who puts all his passion into fucking. They both crave the intimacy of eye contact. As they make out […]

jeff powers bangs bruno bernal

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Jeff Powers Bangs Bruno Bernal in “Object of Desire” at RAGING STALLION Jeff Powers is a sporty jock from the East Coast who likes to take an ‘active’ role. Bruno Bernal is a furry, Brazilian hunk who loves to get his brains fucked out by tattooed studs. Since they’re a perfect match for each other, […]

bruce beckham and jason vario banging mick stallone

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Bruce Beckham and Jason Vario Banging Mick Stallone in “Object of Desire” at RAGING STALLION With cameras pointing at them from every direction, three muscled men make out and grope each other’s naked bodies. On the left, Bruce Beckham displays his massive chest. Scruffy stud Mick Stallone sits in the middle, and Jason Vario is […]