Daymin Voss

daymin voss fucks kurtis wolfe and derek bolt

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Daymin Voss Fucks Kurtis Wolfe and Derek Bolt in “Vice” at RAGING STALLION Daymin Voss walks in on Derek Bolt and Kurtis Wolfe making out in police headquarters. Their lowered inhibitions lead to a hot confession and Derek taking on both hung studs. Kurtis gets on his knees and takes turns servicing the two hung […]

Damian Taylor

two hairy cops suck dicks

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Two Hairy Cops Suck Dicks in “Vice” at RAGING STALLION Vice cop Damian Taylor is at police headquarters with detective Daymin Voss. Daymin tells Damian that he ‘wants to do gay shit’ with him. Damian takes his fellow blue brother up on the offer. And then he frantically unbuckles the detective’s belt to release his […]

Derek Atlas

derek bolt rides sean maygers

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Derek Bolt Rides Sean Maygers in “Vice” at RAGING STALLION Derek Bolt is an undercover Vice officer. He is poking around Sean Maygers’ distributing headquarters when Sean catches him in the act. Derek instantly rips off his shirt and gets on his knees to service the hung kingpin. Sean face fucks the horny cop with […]

Colby Keller

colby keller drills damian taylor

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Colby Keller Drills Damian Taylor in “Vice” at RAGING STALLION Damian Taylor is part of Vice and he has his perp, Colby Keller, behind bars. Colby won’t nark unless he gets a taste of Damian’s dick. Colby gets on his knees to suck and does such a good job that Damian enters the holding cell […]

Hector de Silva

hector de silva and kurtis wolfe suck dicks

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Hector de Silva and Kurtis Wolfe Suck Dicks in “Clothing Optinal” at RAGING STALLION Kurtis Wolfe is on the prowl skimming thru the studs at the spa when he bumps into Hector de Silva. The two lock eyes, give the universal tug to the crotch to say ‘I’m looking for dick’. And they immediately lock […]

Adam Ramzi

hector de silva pounds adam ramzi

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Hector de Silva Pounds Adam Ramzi in “Clothing Optional” at RAGING STALLION Adam Ramzi is relaxing in the sauna when Hector de Silva enters and drops his towel. Adam notices instantly and the hunks lock eyes. The studs get down to business and start making out as their dicks grow hard between their hairy legs. […]

BDSM Fetish

pierce paris drills rikk york hard

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Pierce Paris Drills Rikk York Hard in “Clothing Optional” at RAGING STALLION Pierce Paris is waiting patiently in the dungeon next to the sling when Rikk York enters his lair. He likes what he sees in the hairy stud and takes control as he cuffs Rikk’s hands behind his back. Also Pierce can sense that […]