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max konnor and papi suave fuck bruno bernal

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Max Konnor and Papi Suave Fuck Bruno Bernal in “The Super” at RAGING STALLION Bruno Bernal, Papi Suave, & Max Konnor are all naked and making out rubbing rock hard bodies together when Bruno decides to service the other two studs’ cocks with his mouth. It’s no easy feat, since both dicks are massive, but […]

Carlos Lindo

ryan cruz bangs carlos lindo

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Ryan Cruz Bangs Carlos Lindo in “The Super” at RAGING STALLION Ryan Cruz is doing laundry in his apartment building when he stumbles across a box of dirty magazines. When the coast is clear, Ryan whips out his fat dick and starts jacking off to the pictures of naked men. When Ryan is heavy into […]

Drake Masters

riley mitchell and drake masters flip fuck

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Riley Mitchell and Drake Masters Flip Fuck in “The Super” at RAGING STALLION Riley Mitchel is at his desk beating off to the tenants of his building when Drake Masters knocks on his office door. Riley answers without his pants. So Drake doesn’t waste one second by taking advantage of the half-naked Super standing before […]

Blake Hunter

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Blake Hunter and Carlos Lindo, Two Hot Hunks Suck Dicks in “The Super” at RAGING STALLION Riley Mitchel is working on the vents in his building when he stumbles on Carlos Lindo and Blake Hunter naked in bed. Riley watches them through the vent as he pulls out his dick with one hand and hits […]

Austin Wolf

austin wolf fucks pheonix fellington and kurtis wolfe

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Austin Wolf Fucks Pheonix Fellington and Kurtis Wolfe in “Rideshare” at RAGING STALLION Kurtis Wolfe and Pheonix Fellington start getting dirty in the back seat of Austin Wolf’s, ‘Rideshare’. Kurtis goes down on Pheonix as Austin drives and watches them in the rear-view mirror. Pheonix wants to return the favor, and sucks Kurtis’ thick hard-on. […]

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max konnor pounds riley mitchell deep

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Max Konnor Pounds Riley Mitchell Deep in “Rideshare” at RAGING STALLION Max Konnor called a ‘Rideshare’ that’s still a few minutes away. He’s in his towel taking a dick pic to send to a buddy when he accidentally sends it to his driver, Riley Mitchel. Riley gets upset and pounds on his passenger’s door but […]

Bruno Bernal

jay landford pounds bruno bernal hard

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Jay Landford Pounds Bruno Bernal Hard in “Rideshare” at RAGING STALLION Jay Landford catches his employee, Bruno Bernal, driving for ‘Rideshare’ on company time and threatens to fire Bruno. Eager to save his job, the guilty hunk drops down to suck his boss’s giant, uncut cock. It’s a tight fit but Bruno manages to get […]


sean maygers bangs seth santoro

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Sean Maygers Bangs Seth Santoro in “Rideshare” at RAGING STALLION Seth Santoro invites his hook-up Sean Maygers, over for some casual fun. When Sean arrives, the two skip the small talk. Also Sean peels off his pants and hops into bed with Seth. Seth can’t wait to get Sean’s big cock in his mouth and […]

Alex Mecum

jay austin rides alex mecum hard

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Jay Austin Rides Alex Mecum Hard in “Rideshare” at RAGING STALLION Alex Mecum is in the back of a ‘Rideshare‘ when Jay Austin joins the ride and hops in the car with his bags. The two are crammed in on top of each other. So after a tiny bit of small talk, the two hunks […]


sergeant miles fucks teddy bear bareback

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Sergeant Miles Fucks Teddy Bear Bareback in “Raw Power” at RAGING STALLION Sergeant Miles is watching Teddy Bear stroke his big hairy cock when he decides to approach the hunk. Teddy is happy to have the company and Sergeant immediately gets on his knees in front of the horny stud. Sergeant gags on the thick […]