Flip Fuck

hunter marx and hans berlin flip fuck

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Hunter Marx and Hans Berlin Flip Fuck in DICK DANGER 2, Scene 02 at TITAN MEN Fresh out of the hole, Hunter Marx gets sent by Dick Danger to take one for the team after a deal with the Germans turns sour. His mission? To please Hans Berlin. Hunter’s balls twitch as Hans licks his […]

Adam Ramzi

tristan jaxx fucks adam ramzi deep

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Tristan Jaxx Fucks Adam Ramzi Deep in DICK DANGER 2 Scene 01 at TITAN MEN Adam Ramzi wants a job done. Tristan Jaxx has the hard drive he needs. “But you’re gonna have to take it from me,” Jaxx smiles. Ramzi happily accepts the offer, going in for a kiss before releasing his loaded weapon—Tristan swallowing […]

Julian Knowles

liam knox bangs julian knowles

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Liam Knox Bangs Julian Knowles in Beef, Scene 04 at TITAN MEN Stroking in the shower, Liam Knox gets interrupted by the doorbell from handyman Julian Knowles—who checks under the sink. Liam likes the view, rubbing his bulge as the blue-collar stud fixes his pipes and asks, “Anything else I can do for you?” Liam […]

Jesse Jackman

jesse jackman fucks luke adams hard

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Jesse Jackman Fucks Luke Adams Hard in BEEF Scene 3 at TITAN MEN Jesse Jackman lounges in the pool, a stunning overhead shot looking down on his big body. Luke Adams catches the naked sunbather, stroking as he admires the view. Jesse motions him into the pool, Luke kissing him as he strokes the muscle […]

Jason Vario

jason vario fucks lorenzo flexx poolside

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Jason Vario Fucks Lorenzo Flexx Poolside in Beef Scene 2 at TITAN MEN Out of the pool, Jason Vario stands over Lorenzo Flexx, who oils the alpha’s muscles. He works the stud’s legs, freeing Jason’s uncut cock. So Lorenzo massages his ass. Jason’s dick getting harder while it rubs Lorenzo’s chest. Lorenzo engulfs it, choking […]

Daymin Voss

liam knox and daymin voss flip fuck

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Liam Knox and Daymin Voss Flip Fuck in BEEF Scene 01 at TITAN MEN “Nice ink,” admires Liam Knox to fellow construction worker Daymin Voss. Liam shows his own tattoo as they flex. “What do you think?” asks Daymin. “I think we ought to fuck,” says Liam, the two kissing as their hairy bodies grind. […]

Jason Vario

jason vario and matthew bosch fuck luke adams

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Jason Vario and Matthew Bosch Fuck Luke Adams in West Texas Park & Ride, Scene 4 at TITAN MEN Undercover agents Matthew Bosch and Jason Vario confront a surprised Luke Adams: “You’re the man we’ve been looking for.” But they get an offer from the desperate criminal, who wants leniency from the judge—and is quickly […]

Luke Adams

tex davidson bangs luke adams

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Tex Davidson Bangs Luke Adams in Joe Gage’s West Texas Park & Ride Scene 2 at TITAN MEN “Look kid, you were hired to set up the security system,” advises businessman Tex Davidson when young Luke Adams arrives. “Now take off your pants.” Hesitant at first, Luke can’t resist when he watches Tex whip out […]

Dakota Rivers

matthew bosch rides dakota rivers

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Matthew Bosch Rides Dakota Rivers in Joe Gage’s West Texas Park & Ride Scene 01 at TITAN MEN Former Army intelligence officer Matthew Bosch meets Dakota Rivers in a secluded parking lot. They head inside and realize they’ve reached a dead end in their dealings. So Dakota makes a plea for some “me” time—whipping out […]

Liam Knox

liam knox bangs lorenzo flexx outdoor

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Liam Knox Bangs Lorenzo Flexx Outdoor in Big Brother Scene 4 at TITAN MEN Electrician Liam Knox gives apprentice Lorenzo Flexx some pointers at the switch box. “I really enjoy working with you,” says Lorenzo, staring intently at him. Also Liam grips his shoulder, moving in for a kiss as their jean bulges grind. Liam […]